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Fish meal and fish oil production line
Fish meal and fish oil production line

Triowin Aquatic & Seafood Technology (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd offers turnkey project plan for fish meal fish oil, provide a complete set of processing equipment such as cooking machine, press, dryer, crusher, centrifuge, concentrator and evaporator,embraces mature European technology, provides plan construction, installation, commissioning and operation training.

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Fish meal introduction

  • 1.Large amounts of fish meal feed are needed in poultry, livestock and fish farming. There are two producing methods, dry pressing and wet pressing.

  • 2.Dry pressing is the process of steaming and drying the raw materials, then pressing (or extracting) the fish oil, and then crushing the pressed cake into fish meal.

  • 3.Wet pressing is to cook the raw materials first, and then press to remove fish oil and most of the water, and then crush the pressed cake into fish meal.

  • 4.The advantage of wet pressing is that the quality of the product is better; the crushed liquid obtained by wet pressing is called whole fish meal when it is centrifuged and separated from its oil and concentrated into viscous soluble fish protein and added to fish meal to increase its nitrogen content.

Fish oil introduction

  • Fish oil is generally referred to as aquatic animal oil, including fish oil, cod liver oil and sea animal oil.

Fish meal and fish oil production line flowchart
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